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Candylocks Pets: The New Addition To The Candylocks Brand

Candylocks Pets: The New Addition To The Candylocks Brand - Beyond Desire™

Candylocks Pets: The New Addition To The Candylocks Brand

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By Spin Master Toys UK Ltd.

Doll-Licious/Double Buns/Double Chignon/Trop Mignon!

Candylocks Pets are Spin Masters new addition to their Candylocks Dolls brand and they are adorable. Just like their doll friends they come with super soft, lightly scented candy floss hair!

The Candylocks Pets come in sealed surprise watermelon pet beds. There are a plastic wrapper and cardboard sleeve to remove to get to the watermelon pet bed. You open up the watermelon pet bed to discover a hair accessory and your pet hidden inside a small plastic bag. Watch the video below to see how it works and how easy it is to open.


Inside the Watermelon, you’ll find cute unicorns, llamas, dogs, cats, foxes, and more (each sold separately). There are over 20 to collect, including one Ultra Rare, and they all come with a different scent (pineapple, peach, lime to name but a few) and a hair accessory! We found the ‘Lulu Lion‘


The texture of Candylocks Pets’ extra-long hair makes it easy for kids to work with by hand, without any hair styling tools (DO NOT USE A HAIRBRUSH ON THIS HAIR!).

There are three sections you can style individually or pull together….you can knot it, twist it, plait it, braid it, wrap it, twist it… the options are endless.

The more it’s played with the more it will burr up a little over time and because the plastic pet is small it does take a bit of time to get used to styling the hair; partly because the pet moves and partly because the hair is so different. We found the best thing was to get a friend/sibling or parent to hold the body of the Candylocks Pet, whilst you style or to hold the body. Or to hold the pet in place with your knees.

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