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Portable Vaccum Facial Pore Cleanser, Blackhead,/Dirt/Oil/Acne Remover

Portable Vaccum Facial Pore Cleanser, Blackhead,/Dirt/Oil/Acne Remover - Beyond Desire™

Portable Vaccum Facial Pore Cleanser, Blackhead,/Dirt/Oil/Acne Remover

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Visible Results - One Treatment Per Week!

★ Professionally eliminates blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acne

★ Look fresher, healthier and younger with every treatment

★ Helps your skin to renew faster for a soft and glowing skin

★ Patented vacuum technology for maximum effect

★ Scientific design for a natural, comfortable and precise use


Glowing, Soft Skin – Everyday

Your face is your most valuable beauty asset. Do you remember your parents telling you to wash your face every day? Well, they just knew better.

Although all of us remove makeup, clean our skins in the morning and apply a bunch of cosmetics, there are always residue that prevents your skin from breathing. Because of those dirt particles, dead skin cells, oil and other unwanted debris your skin needs more work to renew. Add bacteria, viruses and pollutants and you’ll quickly feel the need to wash your face right away, don’t you?

Regular face cleansing helps your skin to renew quickly and boosts hydration. Hydrated skin looks fresher, has less wrinkles and feels soft and healthy. Proper cleansing helps managing the PH level of your skin, thus enabling sufficient water and product retention.

More than just a pimple popper

The new Perfect Pores Cleanser Tool takes face cleansing a step further. It was never that easy to get a proper face treatment at home. After removing cremes, makeup or moisturizers just wash your face with fresh water. Containing 4 different double sided extractors, the Perfect Pores Cleanser removes all different sized and hard-to-reach impurities. This includes blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. For just perfectly clean skin.

The secret lies in the patented vacuum technology that you can adjust to your preferred liking. Three individual operating modes apply just the perfect amount of suction to remove blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and even acne from your skin.

The device comes in a super handy design that fits into your hands just naturally. Textured handles provide a secure grip and prevent slipping. For a precise treatment and handling.

Order this awesome little piece of magic today and get a professional face cleansing job done by yourself. There’s no need to go to a professional beauty salon anymore. Save time and money and order your device today.


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