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Inflatable Balloon Launcher Powered Car

Inflatable Balloon Launcher Powered Car - Beyond Desire™

Inflatable Balloon Launcher Powered Car

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  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Learn aerodynamics knowledge
  • Develop a child's observational skills
  • Improve children's intellectual development


Use aerodynamics to promote environmental protection and energy-saving without having to use the battery. Also, develop your child's observational and hands-on skills. Involve Kids in playing and stay away from electronics.

Keeps Your Kids Engaged in a Good Way
Eager to give your child a break from playing silly games on a tablet or watching videos on TV? Give them this toy that will keep them happy and entertained for hours, while you have hours of peace and quiet to do whatever you need to do.

Play Together with Your Children
Coming with 2 cars, you can have a competition with your child to see whose car can run further, you will have a great time with your child and you both will grow closer.

LiKee Balloon Powered Cars Party Supplies Educational Science Toys

This balloon-powered car is a new high-quality balloon racing car with scientific and physical design, kids will learn a lot about scientific and physical knowledge while playing racing, improving their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and observational ability.

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