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Invegora™ Magnetic Rings

Invegora™ Magnetic Rings - Beyond Desire™

Invegora™ Magnetic Rings

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A Thousand Ways to Play - Freestyle


Small, simple, discrete, and fun, also effective for focus and deep thought with using this magic ring.



  • 🎲🎯 Anti-Stress Magnetic Rings, Magic ring

  • 🎲🎯 It is easy to operate and can play with one hand

  • 🎲🎯 It's a simple and enjoyable gift

  • 🎲🎯 Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete, and fun,
                also effective for focus & deep thought with using
                this magic ring


🎯🎮 Stimulate Creativity


It is effective for focus and deep thought by using this magic ring. Avoid the magnetic field as you send the ring back and forth!


🎯🎮 Relax and Increase Your Focus



Fidget sensorial toys grab your mind from wandering around anxiety-ridden thoughts, and keep it focused on one place; thus allowing you to redirect your mental sources wherever you need afterward; an ideal, calming companion for home, office, work, school, uni, travels, and much, much, more!


🎯🎮 It's a Simple and Enjoyable Gift


Finger Gears are magnetic free-style rings, unlike any other fidget or stress relief gadget. Spin them, do tricks, stick them to surfaces, play games with friends… the possibilities are endless!. A floating magic ring can help your job easier on the magic show. No matter child, adult, or someone who is interested in the magical tricks, all can be a magician and show your skill in front of family and friends. Just enjoy the magic of magic and the fun!


🎯🎮 Magic Gameplay


Magic gameplay, with fingers spinning in the air, letting you play your specialty freely. Magnetic ring toy colorful durable unzip bracelet magic toy

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