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Super Soft Home Slippers

Super Soft Home Slippers - Beyond Desire™

Super Soft Home Slippers


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"They are soft and comfortable,I can wear them for 12 hour straight without hurting my foot."

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Ergonomic Design & Thick Sole

The Toe to the tail is slightly upturned by 15°, the fitting angle balances the pressure, ergonomic design, and the thickened sole is soft and comfortable.

Highest Quality EVA Material

The high-quality EVA material is non-slip, waterproof, and durable. You will not slip even if you wear it in the bathroom. It has a completely different soft feel which reduces the pressure while walking.

Say Goodbye to Foot Pain and Strain!

So many of us are plagued by foot pain and discomfort that can limit our mobility and keep us from doing all of the activities we love. By wearing super soft home slippers, you can help to reduce pain and discomfort in your feet and excess strain that is being placed on your legs. The 1.8-inch thick sole and the undulating shape design can effectively support the foot and relieve foot fatigue. Wearing these helps protect your feet from the ground and helps ward off foot pain, all in one cozy and comfy package!

Quick Drying

There are two water leakage holes at the bottom of the shoes to facilitate water flow and make the shoes dry quickly which will keep you feet dry after your shower/swimming.
  • The Shoes Are Soft And Have Good Resilience
  • The sole is solid, so there is no sound when walking












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This is what brands should be like. Excellent Customer Service. fast Shipping. Very High Quality Product!

Hamza Zameer

I bought the Vegetable cutter and one neck traction pillow 8 months ago. They both work fine till today. Amazing Quality!

Haya Salman

Whenever I want anything of good quality and with fast shipping. Beyond Desire is my go-to place!

Fatima Abdullah
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