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Warm Pet Bed

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Long-time exposure to low temperatures and harsh winds can decrease a cat's immune system, making it more susceptible or prone to catching feline colds and other illnesses. Cats who are already ill need to keep warm and relaxed in order to combat their viruses and encourage the body to heal.

Let your pet get cozy this winter in our Warm Pet Bed!

 Our Warm Pet Bed is a hideaway-style retreat that kitties will go head over paws for. It's perfect for cats or small dogs. It is super soft and comfortable and will keep your pet warm and cozy while they relax and sleep.
warm portable cat/dog tent house bed

Everyone (human and animal) enjoys having their own personal space. We desire this place to be comfortable, warm when needed, and safe. The dimension of this warm pet bed gives your pet a touch of privacy and creates a nice sense of security which lets your cat sleep more quietly and peacefully.
 It serves as a perfect hideaway for small dogs or cats, providing them with complete coverage, privacy, warmth, and comfort.  Your cat will enjoy curling up and relaxing in the privacy afforded by this one of a kind enclosure. It can give your pet the extra cushioning and support they require to be well-rested. Or, if your cat is feeling frisky, they'll enjoy playing with the fanciful fluff trim.



Warm Pet Bed is not only soft and flexible but it also naturally repels odour, dirt, and stains. The cushion cover can be removed, is machine washable and can be air-dried.


 If your feline friend is easily scared, having a Warm Pet Bed to retreat to will relieve all the stress for it to feel safe.


Completely free from harsh chemicals and synthetics. Safe for your cat, your family and our world.





SIZE Diameter x Height CM Suitable For Pet
Medium  33 x 35 CM Within 3.5 KG
Large  36 x 40 CM Within  6  KG
Extra Large  40 x 43 CM Within  12 KG


Note: Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.


1. How do you clean this?

Light cleaning: use a vacuum to remove debris and hair. 
Spot-cleaning: use of cold water and a soft cloth is advised. 
If Total washing is desired, please hand wash or Machine wash in cold water and air dry.
2. Is there a cushion inside for cat to lay on?
Yes, This Warm Pet Bed comes with a Premium PP cotton bed Cushion.
3. Do small dogs like this bed?
Yes. Small dogs love it!
4. How do I know what size to order?
Our Warm Pet Bed comes in 3 sizes; Medium, Large & Extra Large. Depending on the weight of your Pet, it can accommodate medium to large-sized animals in it to bring your pet maximum comfort. Please refer to the size chart above for more information.
5. Is the Warm Pet Bed Cruelty-Free?
Our Warm Pet Bed is Cruelty-free, vegan and 100% free from Phthalates, Parabens, Nonylphenol, Ethoxylates, Triclosan, Triclocarban, and Hydroquinone.

6. What material is the Warm Pet Bed made up of?
We used a special combination of  Velboa and Cotton materials to make sure any cat would feel comfort and warmth they always desire.
If we still haven't managed to answer your question please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours :)



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